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Problem-solving starts young!

Our children have the opportunity to naturally solve problems through free play and will develop these skills further as they play.

Who will play with this toy?
How will I make a tower that doesn’t fall down?
Can I make up rules for a game?
How will I find a lost toy?

While it may take longer, it is important that they have the chance to find the answers themselves!


See our daily activities that develop these skills and attitudes


Threading helps develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination and is essential for future skills such as drawing, writing, doing up buttons, and tying shoelaces.

Pasta necklaces are very chic!


Comparing shapes and sizes – the beginning of geometry!

Try out this activity at home - Have your children find different shapes around your house. Look for shapes like squares, rectangles, ovals, and circles.

Extension idea! Compare sizes using bigger and biggest and smaller and smallest.


Sharing can be fun! Help your child learn to share by playing games together, doing simple puzzles or take turns building a tower of blocks.


Have some fun with movement and problem-solving! Build obstacle courses, and help your child in setting one up and navigating it either inside or outside.

1. Use Cones to mark the course

2. Line up kitchen/dining chairs and throw a blanket or sheet over the top for a tunnel

3. Use string or a jump rope on the carpet for a tightrope to practise balance

4. Use a laundry basket for throwing

5. The floor is lava!


3 skills you can teach your child at HIPPY Halton!

Pre-reading - shapes and sounds of letters;

Pre-writing – fine motor control and pencil grip;

Pre-math - the concept of number, shapes, patterns.

This is our last daily post for the summer (watch for our weekly Sunday Seeds and Wednesday Wisdom posts) but your job as a parent is not done! HIPPY Halton offers a free preschool program for qualified families.

Find more information at or contact us today to see how you can have fun with us while you prepare your child for success in school and beyond.


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