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Empowering mothers to actively prepare their children for success in school


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We believe that every child deserves to succeed in school.

Like you, we are troubled by how many children are struggling at school. Research shows that children who lag at school entry seldom if ever, catch up to their peers and are at risk of dropping out of high school.

For newcomer families, this can be even more of an obstacle as they are challenged with feeling isolated in a new community.

Prepare children for success in school

Empower mothers

Your investment empowers mothers with everything they need to prepare their children for success in school and to help them adjust to their new community.

Improve literacy skills

Through the HIPPY Program, children learn essential literacy skills like reading, writing, and math.

Strengthen development

HIPPY families are instructed with activities that encourage healthy child development.

Kids in Preschool

With so many nonprofits and organizations to choose from it is hard to know who to trust. At HIPPY Halton, you can donate with the confidence that your support is actually making a difference. 


96% of all donations to HIPPY Halton go directly to the program!


Your support today ensures that every parent has the tools and resources they need to help their children succeed in school!

Where Do My Donations Go?

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Books Age 4 Round.png

Age 3 Set of 9 books $83.00

Age 4 Set of 9 books $63.00

HIPPY Donations

Books Age 5 Round.png

Age 5 Set of 7 books $48.00

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Home Visitors Guide

for ages 3, 4 & 5  $54.00

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$1500 supports parents

& one child for a year

Providing qualified families with knowledge, materials, and instruction to prepare their pre-school children for success in school and in life.


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