What Children Learn at HIPPY 

HIPPY Child doing learning activities

Evidence-based programming that meets school expectations.

The HIPPY Program delivers the vital pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills children need for success in Kindergarten and beyond. 


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HIPPY Developmental Curriculum for Ages 3, 4 & 5

Language Development: expressive language, receptive language


Phonological Awareness: understanding that words are made up of sounds and letters. Includes rhymes, phonemic awareness and phonics. Letter Recognition Memory (Recall), sequential memory


Scientific Exploration: using a process of gaining an understanding of knowledge through observation, identification, investigation, problem solving and describing 

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HIPPY Storybooks for
Ages 3, 4 & 5

Early Literacy: Reading Readiness, letter recognition, sound awareness, picture reading, & understanding words.


Listening Skills

Story Recall

Vocabulary Development

Logical Thinking


Story Comprehension: what and why something happens in a story 


Book Knowledge: understanding how books are constructed and used — title, author, concepts such as front and back cover, top and bottom of page, beginning, middle and end of the story

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HIPPY Pencils & Crayons

Writing Readiness: Preparation for formal writing through the use of writing tools. Activities and experiences that aid understanding that writing is a format to express on paper what one can say, see or think


Parents model writing: Demonstrate writing and the different ways that writing can be used to express ideas.


Following Directions and instructions 

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HIPPY Scissors

Eye-hand coordination


Fine motor control


Sequencing: cut out pictures and put events in the order they happened

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HIPPY Shapes

Visual Discrimination: learning colours and shapes  


Math Readiness: Math concepts like quantity, size, one-to-one correspondence


Organizing: Categorizing and sorting  


Observation Skills


Writing Readiness: tracing shapes