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HIPPY Halton serves families from
25 countries around the world

Copies of our brochure in 12 languages below


Tools and Resources for HIPPY Parents

Discover a collection of tools and resources carefully curated to help you support your child's success in the HIPPY Program and beyond.

Les services francophones à Halton

Pour des services d’établissement en français et/ou la formation linguistique en français, veuillez consulter les services francophones à Halton.

If you wish to access French language training and/or French settlement services, please see the Francophone services in Halton:

French Resources
Family Together

Support for families

The HIPPY Program offers the opportunity to connect with other parents, newcomer families and previous program participants.


Parents will have the care, guidance and support of the HIPPY community and be able to build life-long friendships.

  • Pre-school group events to learn social skills and expectations

  • Group meetings to develop parenting skills and build families’ community network 

  • Newcomer support to help reduce language and cultural barriers

Are you resettling in Canada?

Learn more about what to expect when you first arrive and the services available to help you get settled into your new life.

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