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Activities that Promote Cognitive Development

Giving our children ways to think, discover, problem solves and develop their communication skills is a fun and easy way to help them grow their little brains!

Last week we broke down

5 Ways to Strengthen Cognitive Development at Home through reading, talking, rhyming, creative activities, and movement.

Your challenge is to try out a different cognitive development activity for each day of this week.

Make sure to return next week for a new set of activities!


Weekly Activities

Try out a different activity to develop cognitive development

for every day this week!


Start off the week with a game of hide and seek! This game encourages children to use their imagination and helps them develop problem-solving skills as they try to work out the best place to hide or find their target.

Try some different variations:

  • Children and adults hide

  • Hide an object and give clues – when close to hiding place - you are warm, getting warmer, very warm, now you are hot!

  • When far from hiding place – you are cold, you are getting colder, very cold – icy cold!


Bath time – water play teaches about the world around us.

  • Use bottles to pour and measure

  • Watering cans to direct water

  • straws to blow bubbles

  • balls twigs, cones stones – floating and sinking

  • ice blocks – melting and changing temperature

  • sponges – soak and squeeze


'Go, Shapes, Go' by Denise Fleming is a wonderful read-aloud story that will take you on a adventure of shape recognition!


Today's cognitive development activity includes a read-aloud story with math & counting skills! Try counting along with the book and replicating the many sound effects!


'Down by the Bay' Rhyme & Read!

Repetition of rhymes and stories teaches the brain how language works while also improving memory, concentration, and thinking skills.

*Are you looking for an extension activity? Make a Cute Watermelon Craft from a Paper Plate!


The perfect way to celebrate the weekend! Scavenger Hunts can be indoors or outdoors and can be a fantastic way to incorporate more movement into a more sedentary day.

  • The fun of the chase!

  • a counting scavenger hunt – find three leaves, two shoes

  • alphabet scavenger hunt – something that starts with b

  • colour scavenger hunt – something that is blue


Math sorting activity - Sorting helps children develop executive function skills, important brain skills that help with memory, attention and problem-solving.


Prepare your child for success in school

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