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5 Ways to Strengthen Cognitive Development at Home

Parents can help their children's cognitive development during the preschool years by engaging them in play and simple activities.

1. Reading

One of the best activities to build cognitive skills in preschoolers is reading!

Reading to your children on a daily basis can mean the difference between a child with a well-developed vocabulary and a child with a limited vocabulary.

While reading to your children, you will be developing:

  • Vocabulary

  • Writing Skills

  • Thinking Skills

  • Problem Solving

  • Memory

  • Improved Attention

  • Listening Skills

  • Language patterns

2. Talking

The best way to build cognitive development skills is not only to hear language being spoken every day but also to use it!

As a parent, you are your child's primary source of language in the early years, it is important that they hear you constantly. By imitating you, your child will learn to speak.

Talk to your child all the time, whenever possible. Talk to him in the car, in the bath, while cooking, and while playing.

3. Rhyming

Nursery rhymes are more than just a fun kiddie activity! They are, in fact, an excellent cognitive activity for preschoolers and toddlers.

They teach children language patterns and help them expand their vocabulary. They help children develop auditory perceptual skills such as auditory memory; the ability to recall what is heard after a period of time, including both short-term and long-term memory.

Did you know? Learning nursery rhymes is an important part of developing pre-reading skills and will prepare your child for succession school!

4. Creative Activities

Children naturally spend a lot of time engaging in creative activities, whether it's drawing, painting, or making something out of building blocks.

When a child uses their creative mind, they are strengthening their cognitive skills.

5. Movement

Movement is a great way to stimulate brain growth!

Movement helps children develop their neural pathways, and vestibular movement has an impact on later learning to read and write.


Weekly Activities

Try out a different activity to develop cognitive development

for every day this week!


Let’s begin the week with a brilliant read-aloud ‘Hippos go Berserk!’ By Sandra Boynton


Practice those language skills with a game of ‘Would You Rather’.

Expand this learning by making up your own questions!

  • Would you rather fly on a broom or in an airplane

  • Would you rather have straight or curly hair?

  • Would you rather be a hippopotamus or a giraffe?


Nursery Rhymes - listen and sing along to a collection of nursery rhymes


Colourful bath time – an opportunity for artistic development!

  • Experiment with food colouring to make shades of colour

  • Bath crayons – doodle on the bathtub

Try out this great DIY Bath Paints Recipe!


Stimulate brain growth by getting your body moving with a game of hopscotch – draw a grid on the sidewalk and get hopping!


Young children love playing pretend and imitating people in their lives through language, and actions.


The read-aloud book reviews patterns, sorting by color, skip counting, odd and even numbers, and identifying patterns!


Prepare your child for success in school

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