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What is Social-Emotional Learning?

Quick what are the most important skills we need to teach our pre-k children?

While literacy and math skills are really important, social-emotional skills like kindness, sharing and self-regulation are foundational for overall success in life.

Preschool social-emotional skills include the ability to get along with others, collaborate in groups, as well as the ability to regulate intense emotions, focus attention, and persevere in challenging situations.

A recent public health study found that social-emotional wellness in kindergarten is linked with success until age 25.

An important first step in social-emotional development is to teach our little ones to recognize and identify their own emotions. This takes a great deal of practice – use lots of picture books to help!

Explore this wonderful collection of read-aloud books that feature stories about emotions and feelings:

The Way I feel

Sometimes I feel like a mouse

Today I feel silly

When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry...

Jabari Jumps

Elmo and Rosita Teach Friendship

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