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Summer is not over yet!

We are getting closer to the start of the school year but we still have some precious summer days left - let's make the most of them!

To see what new activities have been added, don't forget to check back each week.

August 15th

Black and white, day and night - This lighthearted story about opposites celebrates the adventure of sharing life's discoveries with a friend.

August 16th

Build a time capsule!  Each member of the family can place a special object in the time capsule along with a list of things for which they are grateful.

Then put it aside until a specific time. It can be opened as soon as Thanksgiving or as far in the future as high school graduation.

August 17th

Visit a local farmers' market. Feast on the fruits and veggies of the season and enjoy a few locally-made treats.

August 18th

Join a summer reading club at your library! Or create your own, keeping a list of all the books read over the summer.

August 19th

Happy World Photography Day! Join in this annual, worldwide celebration of the arts by grabbing your camera or phone and going on a family photo scavenger hunt. You can create a scrapbook of the memories and photos you capture.

August 20th

Poetry might be a great option for parents whose young readers find it intimidating to pick up an entire book. Reading short poems is an excellent alternative because they only have a few lines, and kids may be reminded of their favourite songs by the melodic rhythm of the poetry.

August 21st

Enjoy the wonderful book, Orangutan: A Day In The Rainforest Canopy, by Rita Goldner


We'll be sharing our favourite summertime daily activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and young children throughout the month of August. Make sure to come back each week to see what new activities have been added!

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