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Prescription for Kindergarten readiness

Treatment schedule - reading aloud for 5 minutes several times a day

  • Children who are read to regularly, learn pre-reading skills that often develop pre-reading skills (including better listening skills) earlier, They are able to learn more quickly than children who were not read to as often.

  • Reading teaches far more than the story – vocabulary is developed, the structure of a story (beginning middle and end). The rhythm and speech sounds of the language are learned too.

  • The path to literacy begins at birth; as a parent, you hold the key to the path to literacy for your child. Reading to your child is one of the easiest ways to unlock literacy!

How to do this?

Read together, several times a day for a short time.

Encourage your child to choose the books, even if it means reading the same book many, many times.

While you read:

  • develop your child’s letter awareness by focusing on a letter and the sound it makes.

  • ask the name and sound of letters that you point out while reading

  • reinforce that learning by pointing out the letter of the day on signs, in words and games. “I spy with my little eye something that starts with p”

  • tape letters on the wall or the fridge and ask your child to find the letter they hear

Did you know that joining your local library is free?


Reading can be a special time to have fun, learn and build memories!

We like the way the words are highlighted on the screen as the next two books are read:

The Snowy Day - a classic story about winter.

Hoot and Peep - a story about two little owls finding their voice.

The Mitten – another classic winter story which develops prediction skills. The clues are in the beautiful frames of each page.

A CRAFT activity! Make a snowflake.

HIPPY Kids be sure to use the safety scissors we gave you!

⦁ Start with a square piece of paper

⦁ Fold it in half to make a large triangle

⦁ Fold it in half again to make a smaller triangle

⦁ Snip shapes along the edges.

⦁ Unfold and admire your unique snowflake!

Looking for even more activities to do with your children?


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