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Nurturing Skills and Attitudes for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition

As the summer days slip away, it's almost time for our little ones to head off to school. Transitioning to a new environment can be both exciting and challenging for preschoolers.

This month, we are focusing on essential skills and attitudes that can ease this transition back-to-school and set the foundation for a successful school journey. Let's explore the importance of friendships and the development of motor skills while having fun and learning together!

Kindergarten student painting with paintbrush

Week 1: Cultivating Friendships for Back-to-School

Friendship skills are crucial for preschoolers as they embark on their educational journey. These skills include sharing, taking turns, listening, and resolving conflicts. You can support your child's development in these areas by engaging in playtime with them and encouraging interaction with other children

Building friendships not only helps children connect with others but also fosters emotional growth, compassion, and negotiation skills, which are valuable in any situation.

Listen to a Wonderful Story about Friendship: "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister is a heartwarming tale that teaches children the importance of sharing and kindness.

Get Creative with Your Very Own Rainbow Fish: Print this picture and let your child's imagination shine as they make their fish beautiful, just like in "The Rainbow Fish."

Create a Friendship Bracelet: Transform straws and a pipe cleaner into a unique friendship bracelet with your child. Try it out!

Week 2: Elephant Week - Developing Motor Skills

This week, we focus on developing and strengthening both gross and fine motor skills, which are vital for a child's physical and cognitive development.

Gross Motor Skills:

Try Kid-Friendly Yoga: Explore the ABCs of Yoga for Kids with the "Elephant Pose." This fun activity helps develop large muscles, essential for running, jumping, swinging, and sitting comfortably at a desk.

Engage in Balancing Fun: Create a "tightrope" by laying a piece of string or yarn on the floor. Encourage your child to walk like an elephant on the yarn, using their arms for balance.

Fine Motor Skills:

Craft Your Own Elephant: Transform a flattened coffee filter into a handsome elephant! This activity helps refine fine motor skills needed for writing, coloring, and handling buttons and zippers.

bananas, cucumer, and bread arranged to make the shape of an elephant face

Prepare an Elephant Snack: Delight your child with a healthy snack, assembling the pieces to create an elephant's face.

This activity sharpens their delicate motor skills and uses rice cake or rounds of bread, bananas, cucumber, and grapes.

Get creative and use different fruits and veggies!

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