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May Magic: A Month of Skill Development with HIPPY Halton!

Join us as we celebrate the joys of May with a month filled with learning, discovery, and fun! From exploring the wonders of nature to nurturing important skills in preschoolers, let's make this May a month to remember.

Week 1

This week, we'll be focusing on nurturing essential skills in your little one while fostering a love for books, music, creativity, and more. From diving into the enchanting world of nursery rhymes to creating your own May calendar and exploring opposites, there's something for every curious mind to enjoy.

Activity 1: Dive into Nursery Rhymes and Books! 

Skill to develop: Nursery rhymes, vocabulary, love for books.

Every day, children all over the world enjoy the timeless charm of Mother Goose rhymes. Today, let's immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of "The Neighborhood Mother Goose" by Nina Crews! Watch the video here and let the rhymes spark a love for language and literacy in your little one's heart.

Activity 2: Singing about May! 

Skill to develop: Love for music, vocabulary, and coordination.

Let's welcome the month of May with a joyful song! Sing along to this delightful tune celebrating the arrival of May here and watch as your child's love for music and language blooms.

Activity 3: Create Your Own May Calendar!

Skill to develop: Time awareness, planning, creativity.

Print out our HIPPY Halton activity calendar for May! Each day is filled with exciting activities to engage your little one and make learning fun.

HIPPY Halton May Activities Calendar
HIPPY Halton May Activities Calendar

Activity 4: Exploring Opposites! 

Skill to develop: Understanding of opposites, critical thinking.

Discover the world of opposites with this fun worksheet!

Encourage your child to explore contrasting concepts and expand their vocabulary in an engaging way.

Activity 5: Library Adventure!

Skill to develop: Love for books, exploration, imagination.

Let's embark on a magical journey to the library! Take your little one on an adventure to explore the wonders of books and discover new stories waiting to be told.


WEEK 2: 

Welcome to another exciting week of exploration and discovery! This week, children will engage in a variety of activities designed to foster their development and ignite their curiosity. From baking delicious cupcakes to counting with Pete the Cat, here's what's in store:

Activity 1: Mother’s Day

Skill to develop: Appreciation & Creativity

May 12th: Happy Mother’s Day! 💐

Let’s celebrate all the wonderful moms out there! Whether it’s a homemade card, a bouquet of flowers, or simply spending quality time together, show your appreciation for mom today and every day.

Check out these great Mother’s Day books:

  1. The Kissing Hand: 

  2. Love You Forever:

  3. Mama, do you love me?: 

  4. Mommy Hugs:

Activity 2: Mother's Day Crafts

Skill to develop: Fine Motor Skills & Creativity

Get creative with these Mother's Day craft ideas! From flower vase cards to paper plate flowers, there’s something special your little ones can make to show mom how much she means to them. 

Watch the tutorials here: 

Mother's Day Flower Vase Card :

Paper Plate Flower:

Activity 3: Cooking & Healthy Habits

Skill to develop: Life Skills & Healthy Habits

Let’s get baking! Whip up some delicious cupcakes with this easy-to-follow recipe and share them with someone special. These fluffy vanilla cupcakes studded with chocolate chips are sure to be a hit! 

Cooking isn’t just tasty, it’s educational too! Children can learn important skills like exploring their senses, making healthy choices, and even improving basic math and language skills. Get your little chef involved in the kitchen and watch them blossom!

Activity 4: Math Skills

Skill to develop: Numeracy

Counting with Pete the Cat 🐱

Join Pete the Cat in "Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes" as we practice counting down by twos. 

Activity 5: Colour Identification

Skill to develop: Colour Recognition

Reading Along: One Red Sock 🧦

Discover the world of colours with "One Red Sock" by Jennifer Sattler. Follow along as a purple hippo tries to find a matching pair of socks.

Activity 4: Cleanliness & Responsibility

Skill to develop: Organization & Responsibility

It's time to tidy up! Celebrate Clean Your Room Day this month by getting your little ones involved in keeping their space neat and organized. 

Here are five quick tips to help your toddler clean their room:

  1. Make it a Game: Turn cleaning into a fun challenge or race.

  2. Use Visual Cues: Label bins and shelves to show where things belong.

  3. Break it Down: Focus on one task at a time to make cleaning less overwhelming.

  4. Lead by Example: Clean alongside your toddler to show them how it's done.

  5. Praise and Encourage: Celebrate their efforts and offer lots of praise for a job well done.



This week, we are focused on fine motor skills! From mastering scissors to getting creative with Q-tip painting, your children will work on developing dexterity and creativity. Enjoy stories about using scissors and dance along with The Wiggles to enhance gross motor skills.

Activity 1: Using Scissors

Skill to develop: Fine Motor Skills & Hand-Eye Coordination

Introducing scissor skills to toddlers can be both exciting and beneficial. Here are 5 simple ways to get started:

  1. Encourage cutting play dough: Use play-doh to make "worms" and cut them into little chunks using playdough scissors.

  2. Move to modeling clay for more resistance.

  3. Practice cutting foam sheets marked with thick lines to improve accuracy.

  4. Challenge visual motor skills by cutting yarn into long strands.

  5. Use construction or stock paper to draw lines or shapes for cutting practice.

Watch this helpful tutorial for more tips and ideas:

Activity 2: Painting with Q-tip

Skill to develop: Fine Motor Skills & Creativity

Q-tip painting is a delightful activity that helps children practice fine motor skills while unleashing their creativity. It strengthens hand muscles, improves pencil grip, promotes sensory play, and works on visual-motor skills.

Q Tip Painting Ideas: Check it out!

Activity 3: Activities and Stories about Using Scissors

Skill to develop: Fine Motor Skills & Focus

Explore more activities and stories centered around scissor skills to keep the learning fun and engaging.

Activity 4: Action Songs with The Wiggles

Skill to develop: Gross Motor Skills & Coordination

Let's get moving and grooving with The Wiggles! Sing along and enjoy the catchy tunes of "Open, Shut Them," a children's nursery rhyme and action song that's perfect for promoting fine motor skills through movement.



Welcome to Week 4 of our exciting learning journey! This week, we're focusing on cultivating healthy habits through the power of music. Join us as we sing along to catchy tunes that promote dental hygiene, handwashing, and nutritious eating.

Activity 1: Brush Your Teeth

Skill to develop: Dental Hygiene Awareness

Get ready to dance and brush with The Wiggles Toothbrush Song! This upbeat tune will have your little ones grooving while learning the importance of keeping their pearly whites clean and healthy. 

Activity 2: Wash Your Hands

Skill to develop: Handwashing & Hygiene

Sing along to The Wiggles' Handwashing Song and encourage good hygiene habits in a fun and interactive way. Let's scrub-a-dub-dub for 20 seconds to keep those germs away!

Activity 3: Eating Healthy Food

Skill to develop: Nutrition Awareness

Join The Wiggles in celebrating nutritious foods with catchy songs like "Broccoli Bunch" and "Apples and Bananas." These playful tunes will inspire your little ones to munch on delicious fruits and veggies for a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Let's sing and snack together! 

Activity 4: Story About Healthy Eating

Skill to develop: Literacy & Healthy Eating Habits

Visit the colourful world of "I Can Eat a Rainbow" by Olena Rose. This delightful book encourages children to explore a variety of fruits and vegetables, celebrating the vibrant colours of the rainbow while promoting healthy eating habits. 

Let's read and discover the magic of eating a rainbow!


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