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Learn your way through summer

These wonderful summertime activities will motivate your kids and keep them learning and developing.

Throughout the summer, it's important to keep kids of all ages learning and growing.

This becomes particularly crucial for school-age children in order to reduce the possibility of learning loss that may happen over the summer.

August 22nd

Visit an indoor playground! Encourage your child to work on their fine motor and gross motor skills by practicing their jumping, climbing, sliding and running skills.

August 23rd

It's wonderful to spend more time with friends over the summer, and this hands-on activity is a terrific opportunity to practice preschool skills like cutting, pasting, sketching, and colouring.

Get creative with these cardboard roll cuff bracelets from Happy Hooligans!

August 24th

Turn down the lights and start a summer dance party! Here is a great playlist of kid-friendly summer songs that will get the whole family moving.

August 25th

Make your own playdough to mold into creative shapes. Then rip them up and do it again!

August 26th

Today’s activity is perfect for crafting with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten children.

Try tracing the handprints of each member of the family and sorting them from largest to smallest! Can you tell who is older?

August 27th

The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld is a beautiful and intuitive picture book on kindness and empathy that is sure to soothe both large and tiny heartaches.

August 28th

With so much extra time spent exploring the outdoors, your little ones are sure to discover insects and bugs that live in the garden. This is a great extension craft for you to further their learning of the world around them!

Pink Stripey Socks has a great egg carton craft that will make you buzz with joy!


Wow! Throughout the month of August we have shared 30 summer activities for kids that you can do right at home.

Check out our blog archive for more great activity ideas!


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