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Fun ways to keep kids learning all summer

Here are some fantastic summertime activities that can inspire your children and keep them learning and growing!

Most of these ideas are simple and can be done outside to make the most of the beautiful weather. The best part is that you can enjoy most of these fun summer activities with your family, making summer the most delightful season of the year.

July 25th

Get moving and burn off some energy with a dance party! Here are 18 Happy Kids’ Dance Songs That Parents Love, Too.

July 26th

Ready for a great craft that will work on fine motor skills, muscle development and creativity AND provide hours of fun? Try making your own DIY ring toss game!

Follow the instructions here:

July 27th

Hold a cook-off for the family! Make basic snacks like cookies or simple meals. Kids will learn a lot about how foods come together to make meals from this, and it will pique their interest in cooking!

July 28th

Give kids a whiteboard, a dry-erase board, or a piece of paper so they can jot down all their ideas about what they would like to do in a day. (You can help them write them down) Then, they can pick from a hat to see what they are doing first!

July 29th

Bubbles by Ben Clanton

Everyone's favorite underwater duo explore bubbles in the world wide waters in this silly story perfect for the youngest readers and fans.

July 30th

Happy International Friendship Day! We love this craft by coffee and carpool and think it is a great way to celebrate International Friendship Day. This friendship flower is the perfect way to show how much you care about your friends while also spreading more kindness.

Tip: Encourage your child to practice self-love by creating a friendship flower for themselves with kind words that they feel describe them.

July 31st

We absolutely love these homemade water bombs by Messy Little Monster!

All you need is a pack of sponges and some elastic bands, and you are all set to make a splash this summer.

Wow! Throughout the month of July we have shared 31 summer activities for kids that you can do right at home.

Check out our blog archive for more great activity ideas!


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