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Fun ways to fill your summer schedule

It's summer now! Get outside and get creative with these summertime activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and young kids during the month of July.

Remember to check back every week to see what fresh activities have been added!

July 18th

Today is National Ice Cream Day! Have some fun with a themed holiday and try out this fun craft that uses cupcake liners to create your own custom ice cream creations.

July 19th

Have you ever heard of cloud dough? This ultimate sensory dough is only 2 ingredients and is perfect for nurturing creativity, muscle strength, and fine motor skills.

Set out some bowls, scoops, and watch your kids enjoy! Check out this recipe by the craft at home family.

July 20th

Make a bird feeder. Watch birds visit your yard and add to your list of bird sightings.

July 21st

Looking for something to do with your family this summer? Make good use of nearby parks! Halton has beautiful natural conservation areas that are great opportunities for full days of fun and educational learning. Go to your local park's website and check out the schedule of activities.

July 22nd

Create a garden! This is a fantastic activity for your kids to learn new skills. Allow them to choose the plant and to be in charge of weeding, watering, and other maintenance tasks.

July 23rd

Build a fort! Put pillows in the living room or cardboard boxes in the yard and let your creativity run wild.

July 24th

Adults benefit from reading aloud with children too! Spending quality time together encourages connection and deepens bonds, making it easier for children to build social, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Five Little Monkeys by Eileen Christelow


We'll be sharing our favourite summertime daily activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and young children throughout the month of July. Make sure to come back each week to see what new activities have been added!


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