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Fun Activities and Songs to Learn About Animals Together

Welcome to Animal Week at HIPPY Halton!

We have some exciting animal-themed activities lined up for you and your little ones to enjoy. Not only will you have fun singing and clapping along to some catchy tunes, but you will also learn about different animals and their characteristics.

Here are a few activities to try out this week:

  1. Animal Sound Match-Up: Gather some animal figurines or pictures of animals and their corresponding sounds. Have your child match the animal with its correct sound. For example, a picture of a cow with the sound "moo". This is a great way to teach animal recognition and sound association.

  2. Animal Yoga: Teach your child some animal-inspired yoga poses such as downward dog, cobra, and cat/cow. Not only is this a fun way to get some exercise, but it also helps with flexibility and balance.

  3. Animal Habitat Hunt: Go on a walk or visit a local park and look for different animal habitats such as a bird's nest, squirrel's tree, or a beaver's dam. Talk about the different animals that live in each habitat and their unique characteristics.

And now, to get you started, here are some fun animal songs to sing and clap along to:

Bingo was his name O

Mary had a little lamb and lots of other animals too!

How many can you recognize while you sing along?

Hickory Dickory Dock – a new version!

Sing the first verse and then add other animals. Watch this and then add your own animals!!

We hope you have a blast during Animal Week at HIPPY Halton and discover new animals together with your little ones!

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