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Effective Strategies for Learning Initial Letters

Recognizing the initial letter in a word is one of the pre-reading skills your child needs!

Learning initial letters is important because it allows you to recognize and distinguish between different words, and to start building your vocabulary. It is also an essential part of developing literacy skills, which are crucial for communication, education, and personal and professional growth.

How do you practice these skills?

1. Continually ask your little one what sound a word begins with.

  1. What do you hear when we say: boy?

  2. Boy starts with b (remember to make the sound of b and not the name (Bee)

2. Use flashcards or other visual aids to help with recognition.

  1. The more your little one sees a letter and associates it with the sound the better.

3. Read frequently to reinforce the learning process!

4. April 16th is Save the Elephant Day!

Let's celebrate these majestic creatures and reinforce our learning of initial sounds.

  • Make a large “e “ for the elephant and draw as many things that start with ‘e’ on your letter

  • You can also go on a scavenger hunt around the house for items that start with ‘e’.

5. Have fun while you watch and sing the song “One Elephant Went Out To Play” and practice colours and counting.

6. With Earth Day coming soon, this is a good time to talk about all the wild animals that your child can identify.

  • Make a list and see if your child can identify the first letter of the animal

  • T is for tiger

  • W is for wolf

  • P is for Panda

7. Earth Day is good day to talk about reusing, and recycling and not wasting water….

  • Ask them for ideas of what they can do to save our earth.

  • Listening to their comments and expanding on them encourages our little ones to think creatively and to express their thoughts.

  • We build their self-esteem when we listen carefully and act on their suggestions.

8. Make a bird feeder like this to recycle toilet paper roll and celebrate birds!


Spring is a wonderful time to engage preschoolers in fun and educational activities that explore the beauty and life of the season.

Here are some ideas for spring-themed activities that are perfect for young children:


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