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Fun and Interactive Ways to Teach Colours to Preschoolers

It’s April and HIPPY Halton is going to shower you of lots of activities!

Spring is a wonderful time to engage preschoolers in fun and educational activities that explore the beauty and life of the season. Here are some ideas for spring-themed activities that are perfect for young children:

Let’s start with colours

Learning the different colours is a milestone in early childhood and an important part of a child’s development.

  • Exploring colours develops their visual perception – an important pre-reading skill.

  • The best way for children to learn colour is to experience and play with them. Some children will need lots of practice!

  • You can reinforce their learning by talking about the colours around you. Ask your child to pass you the blue plate or the pink hat. Talk about the colour of crayons being used when drawing.

7 games to teach colour

  1. I Spy with My Little Eye – something that is black that you wear on your foot

  2. Make a collection of just one colour - use anything available - paper, Kleenex, fabric, pencils, pens. Make your finds into a collage!

  3. Sort and group objects by colour – buttons, blocks, counters, socks. Putting objects into containers like egg cartons or boxes reinforces fine motor skills too!

  4. Color scavenger hunt: Hide objects of different colors around the room and have the children find them.

  5. Color mixing: Show children how to mix primary colors to create new colors.

  6. Rainbow crafts: Have children create rainbow crafts using different colored construction paper or paint.

  7. Color songs: Sing songs that teach colors, such as "The Rainbow Song" or "I Can Sing a Rainbow."

Remember to keep the activities age-appropriate and fun, and to reinforce color concepts through daily conversations and observations.


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