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Back to School Countdown!

It is the last weekend before we go back to school and get right back into routine - here are three great activities you can incorporate every day that will help get your child back to school ready!

September 1st

By gradually adapting to the bedtime and morning routines they will need, you can make sure your kids start school feeling rested and prepared to learn. Read their favourite book before bed and have a chat about it.

Here are two of our favourites:

September 2nd

After a summer of freedom, our kids need to remember how to follow directions again. A scavenger hunt is a great way to instill this practice and have some fun along the way!

Look for:

  • Something square

  • Something smaller than your thumb

  • Something that smells good

  • Something that has two colours

  • Something that bends without breaking

  • Something that is round

  • Something that is blue

September 3rd

Improve fine motor skills and work on building hand strength with this craft activity for Grandparents' Day coming up next week. Who else can you give this heart to?

Check out more great activities on our blog!


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