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5 Ways to Nurture Your Child's Creative Mindset with Crafts

Crafts help develop a creative mindset!

Opportunities for our children’s self- and creativity are more important than the finished product. Very few craft projects end in perfection!

Creative work encourages trying new ideas and allows children to express and cope with their feelings. Can you draw an angry tree? What does a peaceful lake look like?

Very few craft projects end in perfection!

Mary Ann Kohl, a noted art instructor wrote,

Creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining.

Here are 5 crafts that are made to inspire creativity:

1. March 12th is Plant a flower day!

Let's get garden ready by planting some seeds, try decorating a recycled water bottle or jar and plant your favourite seeds. How long do you think it will take to grow? Can you draw a picture of what you think it will look like?

2. You Are My Happy

This special bedtime book by award-winner Hoda Kotb celebrates the little and big things that happen in our day to make us happy.

Can you draw a picture of a day that made you happy?

3. Create lovely bubble painting Hydrangea flowers!

A Piece of Rainbow's fun DIY dish soap paint recipe is a terrific kids art & easy beginner watercolour project.

4. Math & Fine Motor Activity

The DIY beaded snowflake pendants by Early Learning Ideas are fun to make, but the best thing is that kids can learn fine motor skills and many math concepts while they work on them.

5. Introduce New Experiences with ice painting!

Preschoolers love painting! Offering opportunities for creative expression is an excellent method to help your child develop a creative mindset. Empower kids to express themselves by using this great ice painting bin by Modern Preschool and paint on a surface other than paper.

But that is not all! Crafting is a great way to spend quality time with parents and siblings.

  • Talking and laughing together builds happy memories and good relationships.

  • Talking through difficulties while your hands are busy makes communication easier!

  • And, best of all you are not watching a screen!


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