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4 Creative Activities for Preschool Learning

Fine motor skills, attention span, and problem-solving abilities are all improved by engaging in creative activities.

Preschoolers also enjoy taking initiative, so it's a good idea to follow your child's lead with creative activities and keep a few creative art projects on hand for spontaneous creativity!

Did you know? Child-led play starts with noticing what your child is interested in and then going along with it. Your child learns best when they’re interested in an activity!

To practice these skills at home, try these 4 creative art activities:

1. Colour Collage

This activity is a great way to use old magazines, flyers, and even old colouring and crafts!

  • Practice those fine motor skills and scissors skills by cutting out shapes in your favourite colours and making a collage with the shapes.

2. Construction Time!

Use recycled cardboard boxes, tin foil, toilet paper rolls, scrap paper and your imagination to build wondrous creations!

  • Can you craft a robot?

  • What about a tall tower?

  • How about something completely new and never before imagined?

3. Shape & Create

Cut out different shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles and squares.

  • Can you make a picture using them?

  • What shapes can you use to make a house?

4. Don’t forget about paint

Get creative with your painting implements!


December is a busy month! With so many things to do how do we keep our little ones developing and having fun?

This month we are focusing on the opportunities we can provide every day to ensure just that.


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