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Play time is so important!

#SundaySeeds, because everything starts with a seed....

Today is National Children's Play Day!

Play is how children learn most optimally - it is the way they process information most efficiently. They also learn new vocabulary and how to interact with others.

Did you know that play is one of the ways that children learn to control impulses (self regulation)?

This is the ability that some experts believe is the one of the greatest predictors of life-long success.

Here are some suggestions for play that children enjoy and will teach them lots of skills:

  • Imaginary situations - playing shop, dressing dolls, playing with cars .(Dressing up can add to the fun.)

  • Reading and talking about the story and acting out the best bits.

  • Playing with blocks and other construction toys, playing in the sand box.

  • Exploring a special interest - dinosaurs, snow, trains, colours.

  • Running and jumping and skipping.

Who knew that play could teach our children so much and so well?


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