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Math + Art = Endless Possibilities!

Do you think of math when you think of crafts?

Measuring, comparing sizes, shapes and counting skills are all used when having fun making patterns and crafty creations! Add to that thinking and problem solving skills and you can see why math is part of crafts!

Celebrate World Math Day!

On March 25th we celebrate the wonders of mathematics and patterns are an important part of math! Building patterns helps children to predict what comes next. They learn how to reason to make connections.

Raising Little Superheroes has a step by step instruction on how to make these easy and useful colour and patterns busy bags.

Pattern Building with Marshmallows

Have you ever tried your hand at creating a pattern out of marshmallows? It's a lot of fun, and stamping the marshmallows helps kids build their pincer grasp and fine motor skills. 

Can you create an  AB, AABB, ABC, and ABB pattern?

Pom Pom Catepillars

This Pom-pom Caterpillars Counting Activity is a great counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

Easy to create, with few materials needed. As kids recall each number and visually see their count, the Pom-Pom Caterpillars will help foster the skills of pattern recognition and colour awareness.


Are you looking for more preschool crafts to inspire creativity? Check out our other blogs this month!


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