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🅿️ is for Preschool!

Attention all parents, educators, and inquisitive preschoolers! Our newest blog post is packed with thrilling activities centered around the letter 'P' and special ideas to make Father's Day extra memorable.

Father giving his daughter a piggyback ride

5 Ways to Celebrate with Dad

1️⃣ Plan a Picnic: Pack a delicious lunch and head to the park for a memorable Father's Day picnic. Enjoy some quality time together while enjoying the great outdoors!

2️⃣ Play Sports: Get active with Dad by playing some sports like soccer, baseball, or basketball. It's a perfect opportunity to bond, stay fit, and have a blast!

3️⃣ Create Personalized Gifts: Help your little ones make heartfelt presents for Dad. From homemade picture frames to handcrafted cards, these personalized gifts will bring a smile to his face.

4️⃣ Paint Together: Unleash your creativity with an art session! Use paints, brushes, and paper to create beautiful artwork or even handprints as a special keepsake.

5️⃣ Explore the Alphabet: Dive into the letter 'P' with exciting activities. Practice writing 'P' with colorful pens, find objects that start with the letter 'P' during a scavenger hunt, or read books about pirates, princesses, or puppies!

5 Father’s Day Books to listen to:

Oh Daddy by Frank Shea

Because I’m your Dad by Ahment Zappa

When a Dad says I love you by Douglas Wood

Papa please get the moon for me by Eric Carle

Made for Me by Zack Bush

Let's Dive into the Letter 'P' with Preschool Fun!

Phonics Fun

Discover the sound and shape of the letter 'P' through engaging phonics activities. Practice saying 'P' words like "penguin," "piano," and "pizza," and learn how to write the letter with interactive tracing exercises.

Listen to Pinkalicious! What do you think happens when you eat too many pink cupcakes?

Artistic Adventures

Get your creative juices flowing with 'P'-themed art projects. Paint pretty pictures, design colorful collages, or create playful puppets. Let your imagination soar as you explore the artistic side of the letter 'P'!

Create your own adorable coffee filter pig with this fun craft from 'Look We're Learning'! Get creative and choose your favorite colors to make these little piggies come to life.

Check out the step-by-step instructions and let your imagination run wild.

Musical Moments

Unleash your inner musician with 'P'-inspired songs and rhythm games. Sing along to catchy tunes like "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers" and explore percussion instruments to create playful beats.

Letter 'P' Pretend Play

Transform into pirates, princesses, police officers, or pilots as you embark on imaginative adventures centered around the letter 'P.' Build forts, create puppet shows, or set up a pretend market with fruits that start with 'P' like pineapple, pear, and peach!

clumps of different coloured play dough balls

Sensory Exploration

Engage your senses with sensory bins filled with items that start with 'P.' Dive into a bin of colorful pom-poms, explore the texture of playdough, or experiment with different scents and smells. The possibilities are endless!

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