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Is creativity an important part of education?

Einstein said, ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.'

Creativity is all about experimenting, inventing, designing, trying new things, and having fun. 

A preschooler’s world is equal parts of magic, imagination and creativity! New experiences, wanting to conform and different expectations when starting school often leads to a decrease in creativity. Our little ones are simply too busy to be as creative so let’s seize the time we have!

We have a golden opportunity in these precious preschool years to share that magical world, develop their creativity and set the stage for creativity throughout their lives.

Encourage creativity by:

  • Asking open-ended questions that have no right or wrong answer – do you like daytime or nighttime better?

  • Accepting any answer and develop the thinking by asking follow up questions – why?

  • What would happen if cows stopped giving us milk?

  • Make a scrapbook of pictures – write a story about your day or make up a story with pictures from magazines.

  • Start a daily journal of pictures of things you did or saw today. Become the secretary and write captions. Discuss what could have happened if….

Read books together - look for interesting places and ideas and discuss.

Look for books about their special interests. Whether that be about dinosaurs, boats, machines, colours...

Here are a few great read-aloud suggestions!

Click, Clack Moo

Solutions for Cold Feet and other Problems

The Book of Mistakes


June 8th is World Oceans Day

Make connections with your little one by talking to them about the importance of keeping our oceans clean and creating these adorable sea creatures out of found and recycled materials.

Paper plate fish <- Click here for directions


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