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How do you improve your child’s attention span?

One of the most important keys to success at school is having a well-developed concentration span.

Concentration is the ability to block out distractions and focus on a single task. And guess what? It is easier to build these skills during the preschool years!

Pre-schoolers have a very limited ability to concentrate as they have a short attention span.

The average attention span for a preschooler is about 15 minutes; this means that we should be offering short tasks with lots of breaks.

Activities that improve attention span:

1. Entertain your child with games that need focused attention

Board games are a great idea! Games like Snakes and Ladders and Sorry require you to take turns, follow rules and pay attention.

As well as games like Simon Says, I Spy with my little eye and rhyming games!

2. Activities with a finish

Kids can focus and persevere to complete a task, such as a puzzle, since they can see the end result. Try raising the level of difficulty as they get more focused; this will eventually allow them to focus for longer periods of time.

3. Take breaks!

Make sure to take breaks throughout the day! This is especially good if you include some movement to help you refocus and reenergize.

Even a minute can be a perfect brain break. They will boost blood flow and concentration so they can work on a task for a few more minutes.


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