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Fostering Early Development: A 4-Week Plan

The early years of a child's life are a critical period for development, and it's essential to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need for a successful start in school.

HIPPY Halton, a free school readiness program, is here to empower parents with the resources and support necessary to ensure their children are well-prepared for the educational journey ahead. In this blog post, we'll explore a four-week journey filled with engaging activities designed to promote early learning and development.

om holding baby up i the air and kissing cheek

Week 1: Pre-Writing Skills Activities

Before a child can embark on their writing journey, they must first master a series of fundamental skills. In Week 1, we dive into engaging autumn activities that promote pre-writing skills.

These activities not only prepare your child for writing but also allow them to explore the beauty of the fall season. From leaf collages to acorn tracing, this week is all about nurturing creativity and fine motor skills.

  • Leaf Collage: Collect leaves and glue them onto paper, following pre-writing lines, shapes, or letters. This activity enhances eye-hand coordination and introduces children to colours, textures, and sizes.

  • Acorn Tracing: Gather acorns and use them to trace or copy lines on paper, fostering fine motor skills.

  • Leaf Collections: Collect leaves and sort them by size, colour, and texture, encouraging categorization and observation skills.

  • Leaf Rubbings: Make leaf rubbings on paper, allowing children to explore texture and shape.

  • Read-Aloud: Share the book "Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf" to spark curiosity about the life cycle of trees and nature.

Week 2: Remembrance Week

Week 2 is a time for remembrance. We introduce the significance of Remembrance Day through poppy crafts and heartfelt songs, and we help children understand the importance of honouring our history and those who sacrificed for our future.

  • Poppy Craft: Create poppies from paper plates using red paint. This simple activity engages children's creativity and fine motor skills.

  • Send a letter or postcard: You can write to members and veterans of the Armed Forces and thank them for their service through the Postcards for Peace e-card activity.

  • November 13th: World Kindness Day: Encourage children to do something kind for someone, emphasizing the value of kindness.

Week 3: Oral Hygiene Habits

Week 3 focuses on building essential oral hygiene habits. Good dental health is a key part of a child's overall well-being, and we're here to make it a fun and educational experience. With teeth-brushing songs, dental health crafts, and informative read-aloud, we guide parents and children in maintaining healthy smiles.

  • Teeth-Brushing Songs: Sing along daily while teaching children how to brush their teeth properly. This makes oral hygiene a fun routine.

  • Dental Health Craft: Create a visual representation of a mouth with paper plates and marshmallows for teeth. This activity helps children understand the importance of oral hygiene.

  • Read-Aloud: Read books like "How to Brush Your Teeth with Snappy Croc" and "Just Going to the Dentist" to familiarize children with dental care.

Week 4: Promoting Pre-Literacy Skills

Literacy is a cornerstone of early education, and Week 4 is all about fostering a love for reading and learning together as a family. From creating visual schedules to introducing word jars and family scavenger hunts, these activities enrich your child's literacy skills while making learning an enjoyable family affair.

  • Create a Schedule: Make a visual schedule with crayons and paper, allowing children to participate in drawing and labelling activities. This fosters visual literacy and routine-building skills.

  • Word Jar: Encourage the use of new words by introducing a word jar. Select a new word daily and see who in the family can use it the most, enriching literacy skills.

  • Family Scavenger Hunt: Teach children about lists and create scavenger hunt games, both indoors and outdoors, to stimulate observation and vocabulary expansion.


  • You can ask them to find something that is a circle or a triangle.

  • Find a letter F for Family.

  • Find a big shoe and a small shoe.

  • Find something green or something blue.

mother and toddler playing with abacus

HIPPY Halton is not just a program; it's a commitment to empower parents and children on their educational journey.

With HIPPY Halton, the path to school readiness is filled with opportunities for learning, growth, and bonding. Join us in this incredible journey and empower your child to learn now!


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