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7 summer activities you will love!

This week, spend quality time with your family enjoying these new activities!

Your child will gain new skills while you create lasting memories as a family.

View this week's selection of preschooler outdoor play activities, summer crafts, and more.

Added bonus! There are many opportunities to develop and strengthen reading and vocabulary skills.

August 8th

Happy National Cat Day! How about a letter craft with a cat theme that promotes fine motor skills while improving letter recognition for today's summer activity?

ABCs of Literacy has a great craft and printable activity to share!

August 9th

It's Book Lovers Day today, and everyone at HIPPY Halton loves reading! Charlotte and the Quiet by Deborah Sosin is one of our favourite children’s stories to read aloud with young learners.

August 10th

Invite your friends over and take the kids to a nearby playground so they can play on playgrounds, merry-go-rounds, and even have a picnic!

August 11th

Make your own ice cream! Follow this simple recipe together and enjoy this cool treat on a hot summers day.

August 12th

E is for elephant, and we love this fun paper roll elephant craft by Red Ted Art! Get creative and make your elephants every colour of the rainbow.

August 13th

Try to play along with this fingerplay exercise! Fingerplay, which involves hand motions coordinated to a song, rhyme, or occasionally a short story, helps children improve their oral language, imagination, social skills, and understanding of new concepts.

August 14th

Ready, set, count! This easy-to-setup game is perfect for little learners developing their understanding of counting principles.

Simply fill a cupcake baking tin with cupcake liners and write a number in the center of each liner. Then have your child fill each cup with the corresponding number of pieces.


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