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5 December Activities to Keep Your Child Moving and Learning

December is a busy month! With so many things to do, how do we keep our little ones developing and having fun?

This month, we are focusing on the opportunities we can provide every day to ensure just that.

Movement. It seems so simple - and guess what? It is! Any type of free play in which children can run, skip, throw, jump, hop, balance, and climb is an excellent way for them to develop important gross motor and fine motor skills while having fun!

Did you know? A child's ability to focus is improved by regular movement. Regular movement breaks help young kids recharge and refocus on a task.

Try out these easy and fun activities at home:

1. Hopscotch

One of the best physical games for kids is the age-old favourite hopscotch.

  • Draw a grid on the ground, tiles in the hallway, or even sticky notes on the floor to mark which spaces to hop to.

2. Guess the animal

Pretend to be an animal, move your body and make animal sounds. This activity encourages imaginative play, thinking skills, and the development of gross motor skills.

  • Bear – crawl on your hands and feet, don’t let you knees touch the ground.

  • Cat – crawl and meow! Arch your back.

  • Duck – squat and waddle like a duck

  • Elephant – clasp your hands together to make a trunk and stomp your feet.

  • Fish – squirm and swim like a fish

  • Giraffe – walk with your legs straight and tall, extend your neck.

  • Hedgehog – roll up into a small ball

3. Be a tightrope walker

Use a piece of string, a skipping rope on the floor, or the edge of the sidewalk.

  • Carefully walk forwards and even backwards!

4. Scavenger hunt

The change of seasons makes a scavenger hunt even more exciting. Try to find different items that match up to the season and race to spot the objects.

  • Can you find some fallen leaves? A pinecone? A squirrel? A wreath on a door?

5. Catch Bubbles

Children enjoy the rush of chasing bubbles around a garden or playground. This is not just a summertime activity!

  • Bundle up and head outside for a winter bubble blowing bonanza or make bath time even more fun.

  • Make it into a game by seeing how many bubbles your kids can pop after each batch of bubbles is blown out. This is a great exercise for developing hand-eye coordination.


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