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4 Weeks of Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

Being a parent is so rewarding, yet it can be challenging. We're always looking for new ways to engage our children in meaningful and educational activities.

family sitting on a picnic bench with pumpkins

We have prepared 4 Weeks of Fun and Educational Activities for Kids, designed to inspire creativity, learning, and memorable moments. Each week is packed with exciting activities to enjoy with your child.

Week 1 Activities: Thanksgiving Delights

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and family. This week, we celebrate together and create beautiful memories:

1. Try this adorable Handprint Turkey Craft:

  • Craft two paper plates into a charming handprint turkey:

  • Color both plates brown.

  • Cut a smaller circle from one plate for the face, adding eyes and a beak.

  • Trace and cut out your and your child's hands.

  • Glue the hand cutouts to the back of the larger plate to create turkey feathers, making a delightful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

2. It is Thanksgiving Storytime:

  • Share the joy of friendship during Thanksgiving by reading a heartwarming story.

3. Cozy Thanksgiving Poem:

  • Set a cozy atmosphere by listening to a Thanksgiving poem!


Week 2 Activities: National Handwashing Day

Health is paramount, especially in uncertain times. This week, we learn about good handwashing habits while having fun:

1. Handwashing Songs:

  • Teach the importance of handwashing through engaging songs:

2. Storytime:

  • Enjoy a story about the importance of handwashing, "I Don't Want to Wash My Hands." Listen to it!

handwashing bingo card

3. Handwashing Bingo:

  • Transform handwashing into a game by playing Handwashing Bingo.

  • Thanks to Views from a Step Stool for this idea!


Week 3 Activities: Counting and Math Adventures

Math can be exciting! This week, we explore one-to-one correspondence, a foundational math skill:

1. One-to-One Correspondence Games:

  • Make counting a part of everyday life:

    • Count the steps to your house.

    • Count the stairs on a staircase.

    • Count the books for bedtime stories.

    • Count the forks for supper.

2. National Apple Day Counting Game:

  • Celebrate National Apple Day with a counting game:

    • Draw a simple tree and roll a die.

    • Add the same number of "apples" (buttons, pom-poms, or small toys) to the tree.

    • Continue by "picking" the apples.

3. Counting Body Parts:

  • Have fun counting body parts together:

    • 1 nose, 2 hands, 2 ears, 5 fingers, 5 toes, 1 tummy, 2 feet.


Week 4 Activities: Halloween Adventures

Halloween is a time for creativity and spooky fun. This week, let's get imaginative and develop fine motor skills:

1. Make a Halloween Monster:

  • Encourage creativity and fine motor skills by crafting a Halloween monster. Provide your child with a shape (oval, circle, square) and let them glue objects onto it to create their unique monster. Thanks to Fun Learning Kids and Mom Inspired Life for this activity!

2. Spooky Storytime:

  • Dive into Halloween stories:

3. Monster Hand Craft:

  • Outline your child's arm and hand, then cut it out. Allow your child to decorate it to create the spookiest monster hand possible!

  • Thanks, Happy Hooligans, for this fun craft!

4 Weeks of Fun and Educational Activities for Kids is your go-to for creating wonderful memories in October while promoting learning and skill development.

Have a fantastic time exploring, learning, and bonding with your child!


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