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3 Things you can do to help your preschooler thrive

1. Structure

A child who knows what is going to happen and what is expected of him can be calm and happy. Talk about what you are doing and what is coming up next.

2. Help with emotions

Tantrums are frustrating! Our kids need us the most when they are acting out.

Show you understand their frustration by acknowledging their feelings.

“I know this is hard; You are disappointed; you really wanted to do that.."

Listen to this great story about feelings!

The Colour Monster

3. Special Time

Set aside time every day to play a game together or have cozy time where you spend time together reading or listen to a read-aloud book together.

The Hungry Caterpillar

Time interacting with a special person is critical for brain and emotional growth. This would be a great time to play your HIPPY games together…


Come back each day for new activities to help your child succeed!


Reading begins with your ears! Listening and talking help your child tune in to the sounds of language and will help them get ready to read.

Clark the Shark


Having a sense of numbers is the basis of math and counting skills is a great place to start. Count things all day long together! Toothbrushes, spoons, plates, shoes, trees, flowers etc…

Listen to the counting song of the Count from Sesame Street


Help children understand expectations by modelling. Show them social interactions like saying hello and goodbye, please and thank you and encourage them to make choices by asking them questions.

Which do you like better water or milk? Why?

Taking turns is hard! Playing games is a great way to improve social skills, try out:

Duck duck goose

Red light green light


Movement helps develops those large muscles and is just plain fun! Running, hopping, and balancing can all become games with a purpose.

What are your favourite ways to move your body? Check out 33 Fun Outdoor Games for Kids


Teddy Bear Day is today! Have a Teddy Bear Picnic and enjoy some fun Teddy Bear music today. Bring your favourite teddy bears along for an afternoon picnic in the park with a blanket and some delectable treats!


Self-help skills – as our children venture away from us it is important that they know their full name, where they live and your phone number.

One fun way to make this learning opportunity into a game is to make a phone dial with chalk outside or paste numbers on the floor and have your child hop or touch the numbers.


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