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Prepare your child for success in school

A free 30-week structured preschool program

Helping Families Thrive
HIPPY Halton

Helping Families Thrive

You don't have to do this alone.

Being a parent is a big responsibility.

The transition from home to school can be a significant adjustment for children, and it can be difficult to know how to prepare them for kindergarten success.


Don’t worry  - We can help!


The HIPPY Program is a free school readiness program that empowers parents with the tools, knowledge and support to get your child learning now. All from the comfort of your home!

Strengthen relationships
and improve literacy skills

A 30-week
preschool program

Evidence-based programming that meets school expectations and nurtures a love of learning.

Weekly support & training 

Home Visitors teach you how to prepare your children for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Free learning

Children’s books, activity packets, toys, supplies, and tablets. Everything you need!

for parents

Care, guidance and support from a community of parents who have completed the program.

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From the moment we welcome our little one we can already imagine them with their tiny backpacks on and waving goodbye to us on their first day of school.


We worry if they will make friends, have a good day and enjoy learning.

At HIPPY Halton, we make sure that every parent has the tools and resources they need to help their children succeed in school. Children have an opportunity to grow into confident, lifelong learners that are eager to learn.

We have empowered 100s of parents through the HIPPY Program both in-person and virtually and we can help you too!

Excited children with their hands in the air


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Help your child succeed in school!

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Is your child reaching their physical development milestones?

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