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Your Superpower....

because everything starts with a seed.......

Did you hear me?

What did I say?

Auditory memory to the rescue….

Auditory memory enables us process what we hear and understand and remember instructions.

We need to remember that instructions with steps are challenging!

This little guide reminds us of the stages so that we don’t overwhelm our little ones:

1 - 2 years – 1 step instruction. e.g. “Give me your bowl”

2 – 3 years – 2 steps e.g. “Go to your room and get your book”

3 – 4 years – 3 steps e.g. “Show me the bird, the seeds and the feeder”

Auditory memory also helps your child when she learns to read, to remember the sounds that letters make and how they blend.

You can help by playing games! Some of these can be played anywhere at any time and will help keep your child entertained and learning this important pre-reading skill.

• A treasure hunt at home, in a store, at the park.

Use auditory clues. “look under the bed” “it is on the bottom shelf” “look behind the tree”

• Movement games

Simple instructions: hop two times and then rub your tummy this game can develop into Simon Says

• Chain games

I went to the store and I bought milk, child adds item after listing yours. See how long your chain can get!

• Drawings with instructions

“Draw a tree, add some branches, put some buds on the branches, draw some flowers around the tree..

• Stories

Child retells story details – where was Spot hiding?

Predicting what will happen next – will she find Spot under the stairs?

Have fun developing your superpowers together!

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