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What will you count today?

HIPPY Halton teaches qualified mothers how to develops vital math skills

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Everyday Math Fun

Math is not only a subject that is taught at school. We need to show our little ones that we use math every day in lots of fun ways.

Here are some examples for your morning routine: (Stay tuned for more examples for the rest of the day!)

As they get dressed:

  • Count out the pieces of clothing – how many socks? t-shirts? shoes?

  • Count the body parts that are being dressed - toes, legs, etc.

  • Look at the shapes in pockets, buttons and designs

When washing hands:

  • Count the squirts of soap and then count to 10 while washing

  • Hands and to 5 while drying them

Eating breakfast:

  • Play how many – how many plates, forks, glasses are on the table?

  • Explore more and less – who has more or less on their plate?

When brushing teeth:

  • Count their teeth

  • Count to 10 or 20 as they brush or

  • Use an egg timer to develop a sense of time

Let's have fun with math every day!

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