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What to do??

#SundaySeeds Because everything starts with a seed…..

Counting + books = FUN

What about math and reading? We need lots of entertainment during this lockdown, so we went looking for ways to engage our children.

We found books with a story that also developed math skills – counting

Listen to these books over and over and find something different each time:

• count the objects on the page and match them to the number

• talk about the colours of the objects – count how many of one colour you can see

• you can count the legs, the people, the dots and find the corresponding number

• challenges – can your child find the same number of objects?

• can he hear rhymes? Can she make a rhyme?

Ten Black Dots

On the Launchpad

My Granny Went to the Market

Anno's Counting Book

Every day counts even in a pandemic!

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