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What can ice-cream cones teach us?

#SundaySeeds because everything starts with a seed.....

July is ice-cream month!

We have a story and some ice-cream cone math.

Listen to the story "Should I share my ice-cream?"

Ice-cream cones will help us learn about patterns - an important part of math.

Understanding patterns help children to see relationships and develop generalizations. They learn to make predictions as they understand what comes next. They also help to make logical connections and develop reasoning skills. Patters are all around us!

How to develop patterning skills?

Start by sorting items around you - blocks, toys, shoes and notice that they repeat in predictable ways. Sort by colour, by shape or by size and by number. A good time to practice counting too!

See if you can find the patterns in our ice-cream cones and then challenge each other to find and make patterns wherever you go!

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