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What can an Oreo cookie teach us?

Oreos are a great way to guide our children! Recently we have been thinking about positive discipline - we all live such busy lives and our kids are part of our hurried ways. How to make them slow down and listen to the guidance we have for them?


Oreos are two chocolate biscuits with sweet white icing in the middle. Think of the chocolate biscuits as praise and the white icing as the correction.

When we use this model to give a direction, sandwiching the direction between two bits of praise will make it easier to digest!

Your children will be delighted that you noticed the praiseworthy behaviour and will be more inclined to listen to the direction.

“I like the way you are putting away all your toys so quickly. I think you have forgotten about the teddy bears. Way to go putting them to bed too….”

“You have done a good job of eating your dinner. Can you chew with your mouth closed? People will know that you are a big girl when you do that!”

We all like a little icing and sweetness in our lives!

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