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We want you to cross this line!

The line we want our children to cross without even thinking about it, is the midline – the imaginary line that runs down the body.

What does that mean and why is crossing the line important?

  • It helps our children to dress themselves, pour a drink of water and use a knife and fork

  • Play can be more fun when you can use both hands

  • At school writing with your preferred hand is enabled

  • Learning to read is easier when you can track and follow text across the page

How can we develop this important skill?

  • Crossing the line begins early as babies reach for toys and learn to roll. Place toys strategically so children have to use both hands

  • Sorting objects into two or more piles involves reaching across the body

  • Sweeping the floor help with chores creates movements across the body

  • Clapping games which also develop coordination, rhythm and listening skills

Some great clapping games include:

* Pat a cake

* Miss Mary Mack

Crossing the line is lots of fun!

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