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The one habit....

#SundaySeeds because everything starts with a seed...

Smart, kind kids. How to raise them!

Read together every day (even when they can read to themselves)

So many of you have enjoyed our counting activities, that today we are combining counting and reading!

How does reading make your child smarter?

  • Vocabulary is the most important indicator of success in school! The more words your child understands, the better he will be able to understand his teacher.

  • Your child’s brain will grow – yes really! Reading helps the neurons in your child’s brain to grow and connect

  • How does reading make your child kinder?

  • By setting aside daily chores and spending time together, you build memories and emotional bonds. You learn to understand each other and see other points of view

  • Living through characters’ struggles and successes enables children to put themselves in others’ shoes. Empathy will make your child a good friend, able to help others and see others’ perspective in a disagreement

Our books about numbers and counting:




Next week we will share books that will inspire your child to be kind and inclusive – a good friend and leader!

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