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SundaySeeds ...because nothing grows without a seed.

Words and pictures are our tools for thinking. Last week we wrote about serve and return – the basis of conversation, the way children learn and develop a relationship with others and learn about their world One of the best ways to expand children’s understanding is to read to them. Not only does reading introduce words and ideas, it also develops those all important thinking skills When you read together, children learn to settle and to listen. The story line will hold their attention and they learn to concentrate. When you discuss the story they have just heard, they practice talking back about what they have heard – they explore ideas and learn to express them. At birth, our brains are only 25% operative. All the experiences we provide allows the other 75% to develop. What to read? Nursery rhymes are a great place to start – the sillier you are while saying them the better! Deep voices, high voices and actions engage the child in the fun. Word book shave lots of illustrations to be identified and discussed Fairy tales teach children to attend to detail, solve problems, predict outcomes and discuss the emotions of the characters Thousands of picture books provide fun while they develop understanding and expand horizons. Reading every day even when they can read for themselves teaches all these skills and lays the foundation to life long learning and success. Does your child have their very own library card? Free at your local library – all you need is a drivers’ license or health card with photo and you will have the key to many adventures and the path to thinking in your hands!

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