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Math has its own vocabulary!

You can introduce your child to concepts and math terms like half and whole with this playful, homemade matching game that brings beautiful fall colors inside! (Thank you PBS!)

This game also develops visual discrimination - a skill needed for letter recognition.

Leaf Puzzles

  1. Gather leaves outside that are not too dry. Choose a variety of leaves that are the same colour and shape

  2. Cut leaves in half.

  3. Separate the halves and ask your child to match the halves to make a whole leaf.

  4. Make sure that the correct halves are matched!

Reinforce the concepts of whole and half by using the terms

• when tidying up - half the toys in the box;

• dishing up dessert - cut the cookies in half. Would you rather have the half or the whole?

We hope you have a whole lot of fun!

#SundaySeeds, because everything starts with a seed....

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