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#SundaySeeds, because everything starts with a seed....

Memory Games

We all need to develop our working memory - the information you can access quickly. A strong working memory enable us to remember and apply knowledge - names of people, solving problems.

Our children need to be able to focus on an activity and use the information. This enables them to follow instructions with more than one direction. As they absorb knowledge, they need to incorporate and use it within their own framework of knowledge.

A good working memory builds both confidence and a strong foundation for future learning.

How to develop a good working memory?

Starting around age 3, play Memory Games like these. You can make them more difficult by simply increasing the number of objects or directions.

  • Matching Cards - use playing cards or have your child draw pictures on cards which you place upside down. The cards you match are yours and the person with the most cards wins!

  • Kim's Game - place objects on a tray and have the child study them. Remove the tray or cover the objects and ask the child to name the objects

  • I went to the park and I took a ball, I went to the park and I took a ball and my backpack..... Players must list each person's item in the correct order

Have fun developing and building memories together!

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