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SundaySeeds..... because everything starts with a seed

SundaySeeds because everything starts with a seed......

Last week we described the importance of gross motor skills - upper body and core strength in building a solid foundation for fine motor skills

What are fine motor skills and why are they important?

Fine motor skills are the ability to control the muscles of the hand, fingers and thumb.

There are three areas where this is important:

· self care – feeding oneself, buttons, zippers and shoe-laces

· play – Lego, puzzles, stickers, play dough

· academics – writing, colouring, cutting

How to help? Play games that manipulate objects with your child:

· jigsaw puzzles - placing the pieces

· clothes pins – pinching and releasing builds muscle control

· lacing – use pipe cleaners to thread through holes - sieves and colanders work well

· string pieces of pasta to make necklaces and bracelets (use markers to colour pasta)

· tearing paper to make collages

· colouring and drawing artistic masterpieces

· marshmallow sculptures (there will be some marshmallow loss due to eating!)

We have lots of ways like this to help you prepare your child for success at school and beyond.

Call 905 582 7860 to see if you qualify for our free program.

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