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SundaySeeds. Because everything begins with a seed…..

Your strength – your super-power.

As parents, we have a huge job - being responsible for the lives of our children. This is challenging at the best of times.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we give thanks for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for all the sleepless nights and all the caring that you contribute. You are helping to make our community and country strong as your children develop into responsible, caring and reflective people. Your community is thankful for all your effort.

However, there is no denying that these COVID times are making our lives and our parenting more difficult!

What to do? Turn the situation around – focus on the positive - your very own strength.

Instead of worrying about what went wrong in your day – and something always does – focus on what you did well.

What did the situation look like, what did it sound like, how did it make you feel?

What helped you to achieve your success? What is your strength or super-power?

Is it the ability to stay calm, to laugh with others, to make helpful comments? Are you creative, sporty, reflective? Do you have lots of energy to share? Is it the support of your family or a good role model that you look up to?

What made you feel good? Is it your network of friends and their involvement?

Is it the books you read? The languages you speak? The discussions you have with others? Is it the quiet moments when you can think through challenges?

These are all strengths that support your children to make the best they can be.

These are also strengths that your children are developing by watching and listening to you, their very best role models.

Take the time to reflect and celebrate your successes and your strengths and they will develop to become your super-power.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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