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Sunday Seeds - because nothing ever grows without a seed....

Serve and return!

This time last year Canada was celebrating Bianca and her wonderful tennis victories.

It reminds me of the serve and return strategy for building healthy relationships and curiosity.

The child “serves” by reaching out – eye contact, gestures, babbling, touch, questions, comments

The caregiver “returns” by reacting – answering, playing making comments..

These exchanges form the building blocks of children’s early brain development – this is how they learn how to control their emotions, to cope with stress and to enjoy being with others.

Older children test their ideas and look for answers about the world around them as they strengthen their relationships.

Screen time, both theirs and ours, can interfere with these interactions; both child and caregiver lose the opportunity for developing strong relationships as well as strong skills. Let’s pay attention to those serve and returns …. Watch this father give us a master class:

It is never too early to start!

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