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Sunday Seeds.... because everything starts with a seed.

School is on everybody’s minds right now. How can we keep our children safe and happy? How can we help them to learn and succeed?

Two important skills we must develop are visual and auditory perception

Visual perception allows us make sense of what we see:

• different shapes,

• detail in pictures –helps with guessing content of what you are learning to read

• differences in patterns – to help in trying to make sense of letters and words

Auditory perception or listening skills include

• discriminating between same and different sounds, pen vs pin

• memory so that instructions are remembered, and

• synthesis and analysis to help with blending letters into words

How to help?

• Examining and discussing the pictures in the book you are reading not only helps with predicting, it also draws attention to the details. • Card games like concentration where children match cards turned upside down,

• Our Thursday activities developed noticing details and differences

• Rhyming games help children to hear subtle differences

• 2 or 3 step instructions – touch your nose and then your mouth and clap your hands

• Word chains – lamp pig girl love – each word starts with the last letter of the previous word. You can expand that into things you can see around you, colours, animals…

•Tap out rhythms for child to imitate, then progress to sounds p at = pat

We develop these skills in our HIPPY Halton program, which is free to qualified families

Call us today 905 582 7860 to learn how you can help your child to have fun and lay the foundation for success!

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