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Staying safe....


because everything starts with a seed.

HIPPY Halton is up and running as a vritual agency for our new 2020/2021 year.

We have welcomed 130 families and have room for another 10. Don’t delay – call today if you would like to join us!

All of our families have access to the loan of a tablet to make working with us easier. We are reminded how easy it is to be tricked online..

Cyber crime has surged due to so many of us working from home and plays into our fear of COVID and the unknowns around the pandemic.

We thought it would be useful to provide some guidance around security

Please know that HIPPY Halton has strict privacy policies – see our website for details of how we protect your privacy. Information will only ever be requested by your Home Visitor, Daniela or June. If you have any concerns, please call to confirm before sharing any details.

Cyber criminals use these strategies to gain access to your email account.

Stealing Passwords – Make yours strong and complex. Instead of your birthdate or a family member’s name, consider using a phrase with an uppercase letter and add a special character :

“I like chocolate and coffee!”= Ilcac! and never share your password with an outsider.

Phishing – emails that are about the pandemic and trick you into clicking on links or attachments that may contain malware

• Impersonation – emails that impersonate others and ask you to send information, transfer funds or download files that may contain malware.

• Clickbait – free offers or advice about COVID

To be safe, be suspicious of any email you do not recognize!

If you don’t know of it, don’t open it!!

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