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Spaghetti! The key to resilience?

We want to be like spaghetti! We want to be able to bend in tough times and realize that we will not break.

When it’s not cooked, it’s rigid. Try to bend it and it breaks. But when it’s cooked, it bends (and it’s delicious).

We can be resilient!

Research tells us that the best way to help children to be resilient is to be there for them to provide constant encouragement.

We need to help them to develop the keys to resilience:

Being connected.

Scheduling quality time and playing games, singing, reading, telling jokes, watching TV together.

• Safety of Routines

Help children master their daily routines will lead to them being able to develop their own routines and controls as they mature.

• Self-care

Feeling competent and knowing you can help yourself, the feeling of I can do this! Making your bed, brushing your teeth, setting the table, dusting, polishing or sweeping.

• Self-esteem

Life is a process, not a product! Ensure that children understand that we all make mistakes and that we learn from them.

• Play

Children experiment, develop problem-solving skills and learn as they play in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Book Recommendations

The Hugging Tree - A wonderful story of resilience

Resilience - a book to encourage resilience. A child’s experience of growing up and developing resilience.

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