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Ready, set, play and learn!

#SundaySeeds, because everything starts with a seed....

We need ways to entertain and teach our children on these long dark evenings.

We have prepared a list of 3 indoor games that will be fun and help your child learn at the same time.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a versatile game that can build both gross motor and fine motor skills. The game can also teach balance and build vocabulary.

  • The person who is Simon give a set of instructions and children must follow them

  • The trick is that they only follow instructions that start with "Simon Says".

  • They must not follow any instruction that does not begin with "Simon Says"; following such a command means you are out!

  • Last one standing is the winner.

Examples are: Simon says hop on one foot,

Simon says pick up the teddy bear

Simon says balance on one foot

Simon says find a book that is blue

Broken Telephone

Broken telephone is great for both listening and social skills. It also helps with sound recognition and auditory discrimination.

  • A child whispers a sentence into another child's ear and she must repeat it to somebody else.

  • The last person says the sentence out loud. Lots of laughter as the sentence gets broken along the way!

Story Time Clap

This game also develops sound recognition, auditory discrimination and vocabulary. All of these skills are an important foundation for learning to read.

  • As you read a story, ask the child to clap each time they hear a particular word or sound.

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