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Move and learn!

SundaySeeds because everything starts with a seed......

“Movement is the door to learning.” ~ Paul E. Dennison

Children love to run and play – developing their gross motor skills without even realizing it. What are gross motor skills and why are they so important? From birth onwards, when babies learn to lift their heads and roll over, how to move and control their bodies, gross motor skills are being developed. And they do this by just playing! Why are gross motor skills important? • Lack of gross motor skills makes controlling your body difficult and makes sitting uncomfortable. • Lack of balance and coordination leads to falls and to avoidance of physical activities and sports. • Fine motor skills suffer too, as they are reliant on muscle control of the hands.

How to help? Play games like these with your child: • Hop like a bunny, hop on one leg, then play hopscotch • Balance on a low wall, the frame of the sandbox, walk along a line on the ground • Make a tunnel with your legs and have the child roll the ball through them. Vary the width and do it sitting and standing. • Bounce balloons in the air – don’t let them touch the ground! • Have egg and spoon races - be sure to boil the eggs first!

We have lots of ways like this to help you prepare your child for success at school and beyond. Call 905 582 7860 to see if you qualify for our free program.

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