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Meet the Count!


because everything starts with a seed…..

Counting - the beginning of math!

Math is all around us wherever we go and whatever we are doing!

Research shows that by simply using math words in our everyday conversations, our children will do better in both math and reading in elementary school

Counting helps to match number words to a specific amount.

The famous Count from Sesame Street does a great job in this video of number of the day from 1 - 5

and from 6 – 10

You can reinforce this concept wherever you go and with whatever you are doing:

Count steps, or kisses

Count items – 2 green apples, 2 boxes of cereal

Count objects – 4 pebbles, touch 7 leaves

While you are out and about you can count:

Dogs – white, black or brown

Cars – and their different colours

Doors that you pass

Traffic lights or stop signs

Wheels on a vehicle

Make it more fun by introducing the concept of one more – one more cookie? One more kiss? One more giant step?

Have fun with your own ideas as you help your child develop a solid understanding of the concept of number

Happy counting!

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